Diana Trask – Country Lovin’


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This is a collection of country songs written and performed by Diana
Trask. Twelve great songs are featured on Country Lovin’ and this is a
popular CD.

Diana is a talented songwriter and her ability is demonstrated in this
selection of her compositions. Diana sings I Think About Your Lovin which
she wrote in 1982 and the song went to No 17 on the Billboard Country
Music Chart for The Osmond Brothers. Diana’s recording of Christmas in
Australia has been an extremely popular Christmas song.

Other songs include Fences, Stone Upon a Stone, Little Bit, Johanna’s
Window, The Key, Caretakers, Do You Love the Animals, As Far as We Can
Go, Sunset and Let It Go.

Country Lovin – Diana Trask is available as a physical CD for purchase
from this website

Full Country Lovin’ Song List:

1. Fences
2. Stone Upon A Stone
3. Johanna’s Window
4. I Think About Your Lovin”
5. The Key
6. Little Bit
7. Caretakers
8. Do You Love The Animals
9. As Far As We Can Go
10. Sunset
11. Let It Go
12. Christmas In Australia


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